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Looking For Renfro?

Looking For Renfro?


To read a DB Holland poem is to be immersed in worlds at the intersection of the contemporary, the fantastic, the comical, the ordinary, the tragic, the pessimistic, and the hopeful.

DB Holland is by nature a musician, a painter, and a lyricist― an inventor of poems that take form as scaffolded vignettes of time, space, and speed. Born in 1948, in Chicago, he moved to Las Vegas at age 13. Astonished by the exotic environment of the Mojave Desert, the young man began experimenting with writing and was to grow to love the city, make life-long friends, and meet key creative figures who would become important collaborators.

Copyright 2015 by DB Holland | ISBN: 0-9778806-4-5

Typography and Design: James Stanford and Milo Duffin

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