Shimmering Zen

Shimmering Zen


Produced by Smallworks Press in association with Ianthe Press London

ISBN 13: 978-0-9778806-7-6

ISBN 10: 0977880672

American contemporary artist James Stanford presents his new and extraordinary monograph Shimmering Zen, a compilation of 150 of Stanford's works created over the last 15 years published in a large hardback format. 

Composed of digital photos of historic Las Vegas neon signage and architectural elements from the 1950s and 1960s, and shot in the Mojave Desert, Stanford artfully creates mesmerizing designs using newly developed purpose specific technology. Stanford's group of intriguing digital montages convey and respond to the potency of the mandala as a symbol, and its influence and importance to Asian culture worldwide. 

As a leading maker of contemporary Buddhist mandalas, Stanford's work is an interpretation of the ancient traditions of Buddhism, drawing from historic metaphor, Chinese fable, and the aesthetics of the Tibetan Mandala. Born and raised in Nevada, Stanford grew up in a household of educators. He was inspired to become an artist after a transformative and spiritual moment at the Prado Museum in Madrid when he was a young man. This experience opened his mind to a higher consciousness, and this new spirituality became firmly entwined with his creativity. With the advent of Apple software, the tools of technology merged with his ambitious thirst for spiritual growth and education. This led to Stanford's personal commitment to Zen Buddhism and cemented his unique creative identity. 

Shimmering Zen includes essays by the artist, the curator Elizabeth Herridge and a foreword by Jeff Rosen, Vice President, The Higher Learning Commission, Evanston, Illinois. The launch of the book is supported by an exhibition of Stanford's visually stunning and intricately constructed modern mandala series, entitled Indra's Jewels.

The book format is 300 x 300 mm, hardback, 264 pages, limited edition, published by Ianthe Press-London, and distributed through Smallworks Press.

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